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Feta and pesto dip

September 2, 2010

This post is more of a tip than a real recipe. Last christmas some fellow anthropology students and I decided to have a christmas party where everyone had to bring a dish. The only criteria was that it couldn’t have anything to do with christmas, so no herrings or paté was allowed. I brought home made sushi, and my good friend Cecilie (who I did my fieldwork with in Sri Lanka) brought this feta dip. It was delicious and went really well with most of the dishes on the table (though not with my maki rolls).

Cecilie makes her dip with a big hunk of feta cheese and a dash of yoghurt, and then all the ingredients you would use to make home made pesto; basil, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, parmesan and pepper. She blends all of these delicious things until they have this creamy texture. But then when I decided to try it out, I went to the supermaked to shop for pine nuts and of course they were out! That gave me the idea of just buying some good ready made pesto, to blend with the feta. I went ahead with it, and it came out great.

This dip is the most versatile thing in the world. It is great on sandwiches, with meat, fish, bread, pasta salad and many other things I am sure… As you can see I served it with a pasta salad and some meat and it was very delicious. Try it out, I am sure you’ll like it!


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