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I’m back!

August 15, 2010

After an absolutely wonderful summer, I am now reunited with my Mac back in Copenhagen. I wish summer could last 11 months out of the year, and winter would be limited to December. That would make me happy. 

Andy and I spent all of July in Panama, travelling around the country in search of exciting places, birds (because) Andy is wild with them) and food. We found tons of beautiful jungle and hundreds of awesome birds, but the food was pretty repetitive.



As shown in the picture above, our diet consisted mostly of rice, chicken and plantains. Often the meal also had a side of beans, and all in all, the standard was pretty high throughout the country. Sadly that means that there is not much food from our trip I am dying to recreate in my own kitchen, but there is one exception: Panamanian cevice was delicious, and when i can get my hands on some fresh fish, I will definitely share it with you.


Andy and I spent a lot of our time in Panama in the jungle, where we had some super weird meals. I’ll share one with you in a second, but first warn you of pretty gross content. If you dare, here it is:


Can you guess what it is? Well, canned food is good in the jungle because it keeps well and doesn’t attract ants and other critters, which is why we had bought some canned fish in tomato sauce. Canned fish in tomato sauce doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, but in this particular batch, the fish had not been parted from its spine, bones, head and eyes, so they were floating around in the can. I could live with it though, since we pretty much lived off similar stuff in Papua New Guinea. But to top off the grossness, Andy had picked up the wrong bread at the store, so we had it on cinnamon/raisin bread. My god, was it horrible, and I can tell you all right now that neither cinnamon nor raisins go well with canned fish in tomato sauce. 


After that gross tale, I will now tell you about some of my summer’s great food experiences. After Panama, we went to stay with Andy’s family in Maine (in the US) for a couple of weeks. There of course we had lobsters (several times), crab rolls (also several times), s’mores (again more than once, I see a pattern here!), the best corn on the cob in the world from Pat’s, and much much more. By the way, it is a picture of a s’more at the top of this post.


I am so lucky with my in-laws: Marnie (my mother-in-law) makes the best pies in the world, and this Maine blueberry/peach pie was definitely no exception. She is actually a really great cook of pretty much everything, and I always enjoy spending time in the kitchen with her. Eve, who is Andy’s aunt, makes the best cobbler I have ever tasted, made with peaches from their own peach tree. And then Peter (Andy’s uncle) makes great tex mex food, and served up a delicious round of swordfish enchilladas. Yum, I am drooling onto my keyboard! 


Well, as you have probably noticed, I could go on and on about all the eating I did in the States, but it got me so hungry just thinking about it, I have to go and prepare myself dinner now. But for an ending note: How toxic does this look?



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