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Koldskål; a delicious and very Danish summertime snack

June 28, 2010

Koldskål, or ‘cold bowl’ as I like to call it, is an all time favorite of mine. I guess I share that with most of the Danish population, because this dish is wildly popular with most people I know. I love having it as a snack on a hot day, as a dessert or instead of a typical lunch. It must be served with kammerjunkere; small vanilla cookies that are readily available in supermarkets in Denmark. If you don’t live around here, and are up for baking them yourself, google the word, and I am sure you will find a recipe. Hopefully I will share one with you some day! But on this beautiful day, I only had time to make the koldskål myself, and I bought the kammerjunkere at a local bakery. 


Here’s what you need for about 5 big servings:

1 liter/4,5 cups buttermilk

80 grams/2,8 oz sugar

6 egg yolks

Peel and juice of one lemon

1/4 liter/2 oz ymer (a strained yoghurt with 3,5% fat)

Half a vanilla bean



To make the koldskål whisk the egg yolks with the sugar, the lemon peel and the vanilla seeds until the sugar isn’t grainy anymore. Add the butter milk and the lemon juice and stir. Finally add the ymer (strained yoghurt), and combine. Taste it to see if it needs more lemon. Put it in the fridge to cool, and serve with kammerjunkere. And if you have some, strawberries are great too.


Please try this dish; it is very Danish and perfect for  a summers day! 

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  1. Neillie permalink
    August 7, 2010 8:58 am

    I love koldskål and I’m making your recipe now.


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