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Asparagus soup

June 3, 2010

Asparagus is just everywhere right now, and you can buy it really cheaply. That fact makes me go completely crazy for cooking with these gorgeous, green fellows, and a way to use a lot of them in one meal is this soup. It is creamy and very tasty, and it makes your pee smell super funky. But it is worth it, because I love asparagus so much, that asparagus smelling pee just means that I am lucky enough to be eating enough of them to make it smell. 



But enough with the pee talk, because now I’ll tell you what you must purchase to make this soup:

1 kg/2 lb asparagus

2 onions

2 leeks

2 celery stems

2 cloves of garlic

1,5 l/6,5 cups vegetable or chicken stock

A small dash of cream

Olive oil




Good bread


Alright, so first you snap off the woody parts of the asparagus and chop the rest into chunks. Put the asparagus heads aside for later. Chop up your other veggies coarsely, and put a soup pot on a burner on medium heat. Add a good splash of olive oil, and then add the chopped up leeks, celery, garlic and onions. Fry this mixture until soft and somewhat transluscent. Add the asparagus stalks (not the heads) and top it with the stock. Let this simmer away for about half an hour. Add salt and pepper and blend the whole thing to a smooth soup. Return to the pot and add the cream and the asparagus heads. Taste it to see if it needs more salt or pepper. Meanwhile chop up your bacon, and fry it until very crispy. Serve the soup with some good bread and the bacon sprinkled on top.  


By the way; did you know that some kids get teased for looking like asparagus? When I was 10 I had an American pen pal. Her name was Brittany, and people in her school called her ‘asparagus’, because she was really tall and skinny and had very curly hair. Kids are so weird, but I guess there are worse things to be called than the name of a delicious vegetable. 


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