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Potatoes and aioli; a bite of heaven

May 30, 2010

How can something so simple, be so good? This really is the simplest thing, but it is such satisfying food, that it is hard to beat. You could call it potatoes and mayo, and ask what the big deal is. Then I would answer: it isn’t a big deal, but that is the beauty of it. And then the case would be closed. For good! Make this as part of a tapas spread, or as a snack when you are hung over, or to go with burgers, or any other way that you’d like.

First thing, here’s what you have to buy:

For the potatoes:

3 big potatoes

Olive oil



For the aioli:

1 egg yolk

A squeeze of lemon

1 large/2 small clove(s) of garlic

1/3 teaspoon dijon mustard



2 dl (3/4 cup) oil, I used a mix of olive oil and rapeseed oil

Let’s start cooking:

First, cut your potatoes into 2 cm (1 inch) pieces. Dump them in an ovenproof dish, and add salt, pepper and some olive oil to coat. Mix it with your hands so the oil and everything is evenly distributed. Put it in a 200C (390F) hot oven, and let the potatoes get nice and brown. It took me 30 minutes, but if they are still pale after 30 minutes, let them brown some more.

While the potatoes are cooking, we’ll start on the aioli. Firs dump the egg yolk, salt, pepper, dijon and minced garlic into a bowl and let it just sit there for ten minutes. One of the tricks to making successful aioli, or mayonnaise, is to have the ingredients at the same temperature, so leave the stuff until it is the same temperature as your oil. Then mix it a bit, and then start adding the oil. For the mixing, I always use an old fashioned whisk, but it is much faster if you use an electric one. Either way, start adding the oil, very little at a time. Poor a thin, thin drizzle while you whisk it. It should be an even consistency, and should not separate. Keep pouring in the oil, taste once in a while, until it has the consistency of mayo, and it tastes good to you. Maybe you want less oil than me, or maybe you want more, so just taste it as you go.

This is what my aioli ended up looking like. It was really nice and garlicy. Serve it with the potatoes once they are out of the oven.

  Get ready to eat until you burst!


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