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Quiche Lorraine

May 27, 2010

I just love quiches. They are quick, tasty and one of the easiest dinners or lunches you can pull together. Quiche Lorraine is the simplest one of them all, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. I got this recipe from a fellow anthropology student who brought this quiche to a dinner that my quantitative-method-group was having. That is the way to make quantitative method exciting! Anyways, she has French relatives who shared this recipe with her, and I couldn’t believe how simple it was. Here it goes:


 4 large organic eggs

4 huge, heaping tablespoons of sour cream

150 grams (1/3 pound) of lardon, or good bacon

50 grams (2 oz) grated cheese (preferably gruyère) 

1 big sheet of puff pastry

A pinch of salt

Lots of freshly ground pepper

This is how you do it:

Cut up your beautiful piece of pork into small bites (not like it in my picture; much more chopping must be done). Fry these small bites up in a pan until they are a little golden, and have released some of their fat. Mix together the eggs, the sour cream, salt and pepper until it is has an even consistency. Then you put the puff pastry in an oven proof dish, something like a big pie dish would be perfect. Then you evenly distribute the lardon or bacon over the puff pastry, and at last pour over the egg mixture. Top it with the grated cheese and place it in the oven at 200C/390F for  about 20 minutes, or until it is golden and not jiggly. 


This quiche is great with a crunchy green salad, or as I served it here; with my pointed cabbage and apple salad. It is perfect as part of a buffet, or to bring to a party, since it doesn’t have to be eaten right away. It tastes just as good when it has cooled, and also reheated. As they say in France, Bon Appetit! 

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